Oboe Reeds Direct is a new company set up by oboist Eimear Saunders. Eimear became aware of how few people were taking up the oboe and the effect it was having on orchestras and ensembles across the country during her final year as a student at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

She found that a lack of suitable and affordable reeds was a major barrier for people wishing to play the oboe and decided to devote her remaining time in college to finding a way to solve this problem. As well as basing all of her all academic work on researching reeds
and reed-making, Eimear consulted teachers and players
of all levels to find out exactly what they require from their
reeds and why reeds already on the market were not
meeting their needs.

The results are reeds specifically designed so that players of all levels can make the most of their abilities at affordable prices, which means that playing the oboe can be a rewarding and enjoyable
experience for everyone. In May 2007, Oboe Reeds Direct
won the prestigious Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award which
recognizes innovation and entrepreneurship in graduating
arts students.

Since graduating from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2007, Eimear has been following an interesting career path. Along with running Oboe Reeds Direct, she has been involved in projects as different as surveying Trinity College Dublin's old music collection and introducing children throughout Ireland to music through workshops run by the National Concert Hall. She also works as a freelance musician, and has played with the RTE Concert Orchestra, as well as teaching both oboe and double bass. Despite her hectic schedule, she finds time to practise yoga, walk and run regularly and teach adult literacy.