Beginner reeds £10 each

Designed specifically for the aspiring young oboist (suitable for players of grade 1-3 standard)

We use tube cane with a larger diameter to make reeds more closed. This helps younger players develop a good embouchure by discouraging biting
They are made with a softer tip so reeds respond with little effort

Student Reeds £12 each

For people who have developed the necessary muscles to play a slightly harder reed (suitable for players of grade 4-5 standard)

A slightly harder reed can encourage a player to blow harder and produce a fuller sound
They allow more advanced players to have more control over intonation and stability

Professional Reeds £15 each

Made for people who have clear ideas about the sound they want to make (suitable for players of grade 6 standard and beyond)

Flexible reeds ideal for solo and ensemble playing
Consistently high standard reeds so every reed is a good reed

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