Hand Selected Reeds of the Highest Quality

All our reeds are made from a variety highest quality, hand selected cane. Reeds are made over a period of two weeks to allow them to settle between each part of the reed-making process for greater reliability and consistency. All reeds are hand finished, tested and adjusted to ensure the best possible ‘fit’ for the purchaser. Reeds are disinfected and isolated prior to dispatch.

Designed specifically for the aspiring young oboist (suitable for players of grade 1-3 standard)

  • We use tube cane with a larger diameter to make reeds more closed. This helps younger players develop a good embouchure by discouraging biting.

  • They are made with a softer tip so reeds respond with little effort.

For people who have developed the necessary muscles to play a slightly harder reed (suitable for players of grade 4-5 standard)

  • A slightly harder reed can encourage a player to blow harder and produce a fuller sound.
  • They allow more advanced players to have more control over intonation and stability.

Made for people who have clear ideas about the sound they want to make (suitable for players of grade 6 standard and beyond)

  • Flexible reeds ideal for solo and ensemble playing.
  • Consistently high standard reeds so every reed is a good reed.

If you wish to try scraping your own reeds but have not mastered the art of tying on, starting off in unscraped ‘blanks’ can allow you to work on your scraping skills.

We offer a selection of cane both gouged only and gouged and shaped for the aspiring reed-maker. We rotate our cane varieties, so if you wish to purchase cane send us an email to see what we have in stock at the time. Cane is sold in bundles of 10 pieces.

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Oboe Reeds and Cane

Cor Anglais Reeds and Cane

Beginner Oboe Reed


Student Oboe Reed


Professional Oboe Reed


Oboe Reed Blank


Oboe Cane – Gouged Only


(Per bundle of 10 pieces)

Oboe Cane – Gouged & Shaped


(Per bundle of 10 pieces)

Professional Cor Anglais Reed


Cor Anglais Reed Blank


Cor Anglais Cane – Gouged Only


(Per bundle of 10 pieces)

Cor Anglais Cane – Gouged and shaped


(Per bundle of 10 pieces)

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